New Good News About Coffee!

Coffee as healthy has been on a good run now for the last 5 years.

Two more studies released in July 2017 could be accused of piling on:

The first is the largest study of coffee ever undertaken. It consisted of over one-half million Europeans studied for over 16 years. The results were consistent across all nationalities. 

Yes, the findings were that coffee is good for us. In fact, to the point that the top 25% of all coffee drinkers by consumption benefitted the most. Specifically, coffee was found to be good for digestive diseases in both men and women; and for circulatory and cerebrovascular diseases in women. (There was one outlier that showed a positive correlation with coffee drinking and ovarian cancer which is inconsistent with previous studies by the National Institutes of Health, and Harvard’s study in conjunction with the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.) 

The second study was a U.S. study funded by the National Cancer Institute of the effect of coffee on nonwhite populations in Hawaii and Los Angeles. This group numbered slightly more than 185,000 middle-aged participants with research beginning as early as 1993.

Results, adjusted for smoking and other “confounders”, confirmed the larger European findings. Additionally, coffee drinkers were also found to have less heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, strokes, diabetes and kidney disease.

The U.S. study also found that there was no difference in results based on whether the coffee was caffeinated or decaffeinated. This seems to imply that coffee companies have now all moved away from the carcinogenic methods of decaffeination. Which leads to this conclusion:


Both studies definitely are in line with the hallmark study noted above done by Harvard and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in 2012


If your intent is to be healthy and avoid the diseases listed above, then you should know, that not only should you follow the no caffeine advice above but you should DRINK YOUR COFFEE BLACK!

No Dairy, No Non-Dairy Creamer (Exceptions “Nut Milks”)

No Sweeteners, Natural or Artificial (Exception “Pure Stevia Extract”)

So, just like they say on television, “Drink (coffee) Responsibly”, and, yes, that means caramel macchiatos are still off-limits!

“Daily Sunshine” – A New Healthy Snack Alternative For Healthier Kids & Adults!

It usually happens in the afternoon…

Hunger accompanied by a craving for sweets!

We scurry around looking for most anything to satisfy these bodily desires! Sugar & Carbs! Cookies & Candy! We probably even have a hidden personal stash somewhere, where kids or spouse can’t find it!

Guilty pleasures!

What about the same scenario, but now the kids are demanding “something to eat!” You know they don’t want broccoli or even an apple. They want sweets too! After all, they are just little versions of you!

Now, we all have an alternative that is sweet AND HEALTHY!

It’s called DAILY SUNSHINE and it’s a smoothie that’s easy to make with a shaker – no blender, food processor or juicer required. Kids can do it, too! Taste-tested for kids and by kids so you know that adults will also like it! The good news for everyone is that it is filled with vitamins & minerals and is Non-GMO, Non-Dairy, and Non-Soy! That is good!

Here are the details from the creators of DAILY SUNSHINE

A 3-in-1 Smoothie…great concept. Organic fruits and vegetables mixed with organic pea protein and healthy fats.

My wife has called me the vegan who doesn’t like vegetables – and she is right! There aren’t many vegetables that I like. So, I don’t get a balanced diet like I should even though I’m vegan! This would be good for me, too!

Now, for kids, more good news is that it is pediatrician approved.

The flavors are currently strawberry and chocolate and you have 30 days to see if you or your kids like how a particular flavor tastes. If you don’t like it you can always use the 30-day guarantee to send even just the empty bag back and get a full refund. I wouldn’t recommend such a product without such a guarantee!

Lastly, after seeing it, I just couldn’t resist including this cute commercial for Daily Sunshine:

Here’s the link for Daily Sunshine!

The Scale Is Your Friend!

  Digital Weight Scale

“ipsa scientia potestas est” (Latin for “Knowledge Itself is Power”)

The earliest known use of this saying is attributed to Sir Francis Bacon in the 16th century. Without knowledge, we can blissfully be pulled along in the stream of life, occasionally colliding with unpleasant consequences that may have been prevented “if we only knew”.

Sickness and disease can be those rocks in the stream of life.

Excess body weight correlates to the increased possibility of the following diseases: heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, gallbladder diseases and gallstones, osteoarthritis, gout, and breathing problems such as sleep apnea and asthma.

But how much body weight is optimal? Almost two hundred years ago, a Belgian scientist named Adolphe Quetelet, tried to answer that question. He developed the Body Mass Index (BMI). He made a mathematical formula, that basically took into consideration height, weight and some other harder to obtain calculations that today has been oversimplified into height and weight charts called BMI tables (there actually are many ways to arrive at one’s correct BMI that are more specific than the tables, these usually need to be done by specialists or other trained professionals). For our purposes, to simplify and make this number easy to calculate, we will use a BMI table, or a digital scale capable of using a slightly more specific calculation by using low voltage electrical impulses.

If you do use a BMI table make sure that you use a table (easily found on the internet) that corresponds to your gender. Further, age and bone density are also factors, but one of our goals is to easily be able to use this every day. So we will only be estimating our BMI and using that, along with weight, as a relative guide. If you are interested in a more accurate Q&A style of format to calculate BMI, you can find that at:

The essential tool you will need is a scale. I would recommend a digital scale like the one pictured at the top of this post that is able to also calculate BMI. Some of the digital scales are so advanced that they can use Bluetooth capabilities to send your weight and BMI to a smartphone app. A further recommendation would be to get a scale that reads in whole pounds or half-pounds (.5). Most digital scales today read in .2 or even .1 pounds which will probably drive you crazy! If you already have a scale and it does not calculate BMI, rather than buy a new one I would just use an appropriate chart or

Now we get to the somewhat controversial part – if the correlation of weight to disease and the accuracy of BMI aren’t already controversial.

Let us return to the statement: “Knowledge Itself is Power.” If this is true (as opposed to the questionable “Lack of Knowledge is Power?”), then with respect to weight and BMI it would follow logically that as much information as we can gain as to our weight and BMI is the best situation.

So, it seems then, that the “best situation” is a DAILY reading of our weight and BMI. This would be taken at a consistent time, say when you get up in the morning before consuming any food or liquids. We want our methods for measurements of weight and BMI to be as consistent as possible from day-to-day. (Now, the controversy is that there are physical trainers and physicians who would disagree with this methodology. For more information on this alternative method of weighing yourself see:

We return to what we feel works best: simple, consistent, daily knowledge.

The key is to tabulate your results. Do it every morning, and when there is a weight/BMI loss or gain, you are able to look back on the previous day and try to understand why. Write those suspicions down with your weight and BMI results as well. In some cases, it won’t be obvious. This is more true for women who have more biorhythmic issues than men. The one thing that will happen is that you will become more aware of your actual body weight, and hopefully this will carry over into your daily decision-making about what you are eating, drinking and what your activity levels will be. Over time, the goal is to get to a normal BMI.

Remember though, you are not competing against others. You are your own person. How you lose weight and become healthier is your own struggle with its own peculiarities which will be different than anyone else. We are not saying to use that as an excuse – don’t! Strive, however, day-by-day, little-by-little to become healthier. If you do this, you will lower your BMI from a danger level to one which is less so. Only you can do this! In essence, only you can “heal thyself”.


Why We Love Cheese!

CHEESE! Just looking at it makes your mouth water!

Why does everyone like pizza? … CHEESE!

It’s the CHEESE in Mac ‘n’ Cheese that kids go for!

So, why do we like CHEESE so much?

Here’s the answer:

A University Of Michigan study published by their psychology department in 2015 says CHEESE IS ADDICTING! In fact, eating cheese has the same impact on your brain as taking opiates (can you say MORPHINE?)

Cheese is high in the protein casein. Casein becomes casomorphine when digested and it CAUSES PLEASURE RECEPTORS IN YOUR BRAIN TO GO CRAZY. Renown health advocate Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D. (documentary “What the Health”), says it should just be called “DAIRY CRACK!”

Because of these factors, the University of Michigan study found that CHEESE PIZZA IS THE MOST ADDICTING OF ALL FOODS!

This would be great if cheese was actually healthy for you.

Unfortunately, not only is cheese not healthy, many studies show that CHEESE IS ONE OF THE UNHEALTHIEST OF ALL FOODS!

First, there’s PUS. You know, the stuff that oozes out of an infection or pops out of a pimple. Did you know that the Food & Drug Administration (it cracks me up that those two items are related by the government – follow the money!), the F.D.A., allows a certain amount of PUS IN CHEESE?  Oh, yes, and it is more than 18 times the amount of pus allowed in Europe. That might be a reason then why when a person goes ON a non-dairy diet that their complexion clears up! You think?

Second, MEAT AND CHEESE CAN BE AS BAD FOR YOU AS SMOKING!  That’s according to the magazine “ScienceDaily“. They published an article from the University of Southern California which stated that a high protein diet consumed during middle age (are you listening Paleo and Atkins dieters) can lead to doubling your chance of dying and quadrupling your chances of dying from cancer. 

Lastly, there’s FAT. You know, the stuff that clogs your arteries by adhering to cell walls. All cheese has fat, but some types of cheese have enormous amounts of fat making them tremendously unhealthy.


Still want to have your cheese fix, though? There are many suitable PLANT-BASED ALTERNATIVES.  My favorite is tapioca. There are other variants some more suited to your body than others. These are produced under many different brand names, and as the world becomes more health conscious, the types and brands will increase. Some of the properties of cooking with these cheese substitutes are different, but what I’ve found over the past 7 years of using them is that as you have more experience using them, this factor of unfamiliarity will diminish. Just like dairy cheese, some you may like and some not so much.  But…


Think Twice Before Having Your Children Go Under Dental Anesthesia

This is a segment from Megyn Kelly’s Sunday night TV show on NBC. It brings to light children who have become victims (even dying) from dental procedures using anesthesia. Unlike medical surgery, there is no doctor (anesthesiologist) to supervise the vital signs of the child. The dentist, or oral surgeon, need to multi-task and do the surgery plus monitor the child’s medical status. This seems crazy even for an adult patient. When one considers that a child is more vulnerable to anesthesia – it is unconscionable. Even crazier is that the care providers (the dentists) are mobilized to fight any legislation that would end this type of practice that would be unthinkable in the medical profession. What would be the dentists’ motivation in this political fight?